Energy Loves Energy

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

The video below was taken eight years ago. I had no idea the guys in the garbage truck were videoing me. Nevertheless the Light is still entertained. I am still shocked how ballsie I was to share the good news!

Garbage is reusable #energy & for #landfill (making land), thus one does not need a law not to throw trash on the floor, but to collect & dispose it in a reasonable manner so it can be worked upon again. (#Ends lead to new #beginnings). Potential energy to kinetic energy, and kinetic energy to further kinetic energy or back to rest as potential energy.

"Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only move from one form to another,"

- Sir Isaac Newton.

Our bodies when buried give back to the earth, and when cremated turn to water vapour which too turns the water cycle.

(There's always need to level the North Horizon).

Gold Lighthouse introducing the Five Gold Rings, and always encouraging a green planet too. We usually look to the floor when praying and definitely when prostrating. Note to governments who do not enforce a refuge system into it's infrastructure... just do!

Lord Have Mercy.

P.s. @redfireblanket was promoted to @redfiremarshal.

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