Eternal Golden Age

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Eternal Golden Age: There have been many people speaking about the End of Days, and many more speaking of Kali-yuga, which is the last age of humanity till everything destroys itself especially with reason from that of man. I didn't want to keep hearing that, so I gave more hope into actually being ignorant to that and following a thought of what would come next.

What came next after the ages turn would be Satya-yuga, i.e Golden Age. This has happened already thousands and thousands of years ago, but then it followed to another age, then another one, and then back into Kali-yuga, which went if nothing changed would fall into apocalypses.

One can believe and follow what they wish, but I will not. I have one life so instead of burning bridges or giving up, I'll fight the good fight for a star trek outcome. Furthermore all I have hosted as Gold Lighthouse overcomes Kuli-yuga, and into a middle of Sangum-yuga, i.e. the age of coming together, which there after follows another Satya-yuga, and hopefully forever, thus to easily just say we are in the Eternal Golden Age.

The New Age Calls for New Appraisals! Praise The Light! Jai Shree Krishna!

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