Jealous v Envious

First I will like to say that you can quote me on this! Meaning no one will say what I am about to and a very few will say something similar. However you can walk a path I have and take a stronghold with the love of Jesus Christ or you can just take my word for this... It's all about taking action, you either do it and keep doing it or you don't, and let the cards unfold.

Jealous v Envious: Jealousy is okay. I am jealous of the luxury/sport vehicle. I am jealous of

@TheRock (Dwayne Johnson), smelling his own cooking. But envious isn’t okay as that’s hating blessings of one, leading to the opposite side of coin, disability. Knowledge here overcame burden.


There was a time "Sand Deep", that I didn't even look or even speak to the one's who had hurt me. Hardest thing was that I had to live and work with them, so how did I manage daily activities without looking or speaking to them? Days to months to a year, I would respond to some questions as simple yes, no, or I don't know, (nodding, shaking head or shrugging shoulders), without looking at them. And I watched them by only marking their hands. Well that's my advice to anyone struggling the same at present. Best to do this, enjoy life when you can, and let the time pass, then to plan & move/elope to better a better life & the better way of living happily. Life, Love, Peace. Om Hydrate. (Safe Body Sight: Shoulder).

So that's one, and here's the other...

A shop keeper at the Indian dress store in Gujarat, India, was running his mouth at my wife, brother-in-law and I for joking on asking for bargaining. He ended saying he won't sell me the dress I chose for my daughter's 1st bday party. Everyone began arguing on this matter but keeping cool I said nothing and gave him the cash for the dress. Whilst arguing he processed the sale. Then we left and my brother-in-law went to drop my wife back home.

I went back into the shop and at this time two other women had entered. I tried to explain to the man that he was in the wrong and should apologise. He began with rich and poor ideologies. I said this is not about rich or poor as he had no idea what I did for a living in U.K. This was about love and hate, and if he didn't apologise there was nothing stopping me from throwing a brick through his window.

He wasn't really listening until I covered his sight to my face with my hand. Through the language and dagger eyes he possessed that I understood he became weak in his offence. So then I spoke with my hand obstructing his sight of me and he couldn't comprehend that. Thankfully the light clicked in his conscience and he stepped out from his corner off his seat to come round to me. (He was half my height). He apologised. I accepted. Then wanting to leave he insisted I have a bottle of water. He explained why he was angry and he mentioned that he had made no sales on that day that he snapped when we joked. But truth be said he doesn't know my sorrows. (I make no sales as I would like). Never mind the story is not about that... The story is about the hand and loss of sight to straighten a child's bad beahviour out. The child being the man.

A good teacher can teach well and should be praised.

However the true praise goes to the student that has learnt.

Ps. Guess I could use this stance to listen

to confessions as a priest would at church.

"O Father for I have sinned."

"Really? No way. Told you so!"


Only as one sees my eyes and hears me, does not mean I can't make them blind and mute.

(Once you achieve stronghold in goodness, do "try" maintain good relations).

Also published in "Bhagavan's Guitar" and "Sand Deep."

Praise The Light.

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