Red Red Red

[@redfiremarshal] Lord Jesus Christ. If one has a problem or finds it difficult to express compassion, like sorry, thanks, please, forgiven, love you, then just say Red.

- RED/LOVE: The colour red as seen by the human eye reflects the emotion of love. Whatever is red is showing love. A red stop sign or red light is saying stop out of love more than stop danger. Gazing out a window and looking for red focuses to bring love back into an individual. Why red? Well blood is red and every human if not animal on this planet has red blood. Blood is a vital source for life to flourish, and seeing people as red (instead of any other colour) can bring people to love one another. Looking at someone’s lips signifies love. The human eye has a great affinity for red. The Eternal Truth works best when empowering red as imagine a world without ever seeing red. #ReplenishLove from insults and abuse that lead to depression, hate, jealousy, abuse, sorrow, forgiveness and gratitude by looking at red. Literally go and count things red, remember people are red; Red 1, Red 1001, Red 106,965, Red 545,123 ... Sometimes if you can't find the words for someone's idiocracy then just reply with, "Red". One person's passion can be different to another, i.e one may use love as a form of hate. Nevertheless red controls this emotion. Look at red occurrences to replenish love. Love is a necessity and known from red.


#WHITEOUT: To have genocide on a particular group of people the food would have to be eliminated and possibly the women too. Now men are usually the ones gifted from God to bring and create Scripture and food, but however it's the women that maintain it through out time. It's just the way it has been. And this form of genocide is impossible, really it is, as it only takes just one other person to make a fajita, samosa, cottage pie, hot dog, baguette etc. for the culture to begin again. So that's that. Now WHITE OUT! Will be if a group of people go out and destroys, burns or covers anything they see that's red. Okay, I've said enough... Imagine a world where there’s no red, the world will die. Thus bless the world by planting red, plant red billboards (which gives shade too) and the world will grow. Bad, good or better is another concept all together. No White Out, Grow Red.

O Father in Heaven, forgive me if I have said wrong, but on one hand we will not know if we don't try, and if we try and it doesn't work, we shall stop, and try something new to reach our hearts closer to Yours. Amen. Praise The Lord!

I am Red, Love is Red, You are Red... Red Red Red.

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