Wall, Thank You

#TheWall: Once in Rajasthan, I saw a boy steal something small from a market stall and a group of random older guys started to run intending to attack him. The boy ran passed me and I said something to stop the other guys. With anger they said, "who am I to stop them?! What I'm I going to do about it?!" I walked up-close to the nearest wall, touched it, prayed, and humbled my strength. Then I turned around & the guys were gone.

Once in London at the gym in the men's changing room, a man became abnormally aggressive to me, and threatened me to fight. (He was half my size). I walked to the wall, had a pray and looked around at him. He had become weak in the knees, stronger in the heart, and ashamed of his behavior. Point of this message is that the wall is a strong humble asset of God, and if those people hadn't have left my abode, then they would have accidentally had gone into the wall (fallen over - self-defense) or the police would have been called. #IntoTheWall.

Tunnels are made with walls. Underpasses are made with walls.

The ground/floor can just be another wall in space.

#OffTheWall: Simply recoil of measurable energy at the wall to off the wall.

Imagine now, asking the child to go stand facing the wall. I'd love to. Wow Wall.

Over the wall, off the horizon and above.

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