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Attention: Orthopedics, Body Builders, Doctors, Nurses, People that feel to improve musculoskeletal system, and cardio-respiratory system, Researchers.

This yoga dates so far back that really the books of time only say that there was a yoga as such that was not to be written until the time was right. I admit this is speculation.

Aim: Improve Cardiorespiratory & Musculoskeletal function

Yoga focuses on expanding muscles, improving blood circulation around areas where blood clots can happen, improving circulation and rhythmic breathing, improving gait, being more agile, strengthening tonicity of muscle tissue, packing more punch per buck energy. 

Do start slow, one limb at a time depending on how sensitive the muscles are, and how much excess fluid is within them. Remember to breathe. When I began I sat between a doorway, listened to music, and worked a limb for thirty minutes before moving to another.


Aim: Improve Cardiorespiratory function

Does one have breathing problems from smoking, pollution, dust, any other allergens?

Does one wheeze whilst they talk? Does one feel like they would just like to breathe smoother?

I found by placing a simple thing as a wooden lolly-stick in the mouth stops the mouth from closing allowing breathing to improve with cardio-respiratory movement. This would also control clenching of the mouth and tightening of the masseter muscles on either side of the mouth. Thus adaptation of the muscle in the long-run adapts the shape of the lower face and opening of the thoracic tube that leads to the lungs. The wooden stick in the mouth at rest, drives, in private or public, allows the passage of air to circulate and improve breathing, which improves blood saturation of oxygen, which in turn gets oxygen to respiring tissues all over the body, including the brain, and allows comfort, thus able to work better. A lolly-stick, rather than tooth-pick, can be held in the mouth and certain places by the teeth allowing control to stop or support clenching. Plus there's no worry on accidentally swallowing the stick. Every now and then do remove the stick and wipe off the saliva. 

Toxins too from smoking and other allergens would stick to the stick in the mouth whilst breathing. Thus remove and clean often and replace. Lastly the wooden stick is a great fidget tool that costs next to nothing.

Sweat bands.jpg



Simple sweatbands. Cheap simple sweatbands. A tennis sweatband worn at the wrist not only stops sweat from covering the hands but also the wrist to be supported. A very generic thing but I have found applying a sweatband or two or three or as many as needed to areas causing pain or discomfort like joints (knee, elbow, far up on shoulder pit, ankles, toes, heels) or pulsing muscles and areas of tendons (bicep, forearm, calf), can help blood flow thus controlling and supporting musculoskeletal tension. Wear whenever, day or night, wear in discretion or out aloud like Shiva using rudhraksh beads or Krishna using gold arm bands. Support will be given, blood would flow away from areas, itching from pulsing veins will be alleviated, and even growth of muscles made. Try not to sleep with them on as during sleep this may cause problems, mostly becoming uncomfortable. Generic to say the least, but my God, this works and no need for painkillers or frequent calls to the doctor. 

Brush Deep Lymph

Attention: Doctors, Nurses, Health Professionals, Care Workers, Researchers

Aim: Improve Cardiorespiratory Circulation

a) Breathing and blood circulation improves immensely b) Water enters muscles and they expand c) Sinuses are unblocked which reduces pressure to the head and body d) Excess lymph and mucus is removed e) Homeostasis achieved at a greater rate h) Body and mind feeling like a million bucks! 

Care improves: Heart conditions, heart-burn, digestion, stomach acid, blocked sinuses, shortness of breath, fatigue and possibly stress.


Mechanism: Using a wet toothbrush on oral soft tissues including palate feel the sensitive parts that are a little ticklish. When brushed over those parts feel a cough and pull out to spit out a mucus cough ball. Working with the flow of blood from left to right, begin with lymph drainage of the right side by brushing soft tissue behind the molars of the lower jaw. This will stimulate a gag reflex. Carry on by brushing side of tongue between tongue and teeth. Depending on sensitivity and build up of mucus, stomach acid and lymph fluids will expel out hard. Do brace yourself as the lymph system goes all the way to the toes. Ooo, aaa, aha!! Spit mucus ball out.

Carry on, to the left hand side of mouth, and even brush the inner part of the hard palate beside molars on both sides. Wet tooth brush, keep water running, clean out nostrils, spit out remnants, breathe. Brace self again. Body shivers and do again. Feel the bad, excess mucus and lymph move through the body. BRACE! Help yourself by planting feet, or have them lifted on the rim of the bath or toilet bowl. Feel the drainage build, maneuver the fluid out the lymphatic ducts and into the subclavian vein and into the thoracic duct. Mucus and excess lymph would enter the stomach for digestion naturally but this way better out of the mouth and nostrils. Do one area and you'll feel great once done.


Do take a break as really the body has to rest with this semi-invasive procedure. Lie down if needs be and place a pillow over the eyes. You'll be up in a matter of seconds feeling better than have gone to the gym everyday for a year. The tongue will roll easier and the ticklish parts will feel less ticklish or not at all.


As this will free up a lot of body fluid congestion, sweatbands can be worn around calf, bicep, lower arm, to allow the slight constriction of muscles to stabilize blood pressure. Have water to replace fluid lost. This is an intensive method so it’s no walk in the park to pull the mucus, and one should not think of vomiting. The point is to remove excess lymph and mucus. At times acid from the stomach and remnants of small food may be expelled. Control and you'll be climbing up mountains, diving into oceans, and singing like canaries. 


Liberate Vision: Ease desires & anxiety & have a look. Consume whole appearance of person or objects by center point & then opening vision to see entirety. Red Affinity: relaxing sight on body is all soul needs. Points subject to perspective & time. Execute. 

In life under one sky, we are to look at each other, that's red. Otherwise we can just carry on looking at dead space or the wall, which however is also fine. One red a day keeps the doctor away. Bless

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