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The Five Gold Rings Science (SSS) / The Eternal Truth


A Fundamental Base for Life!

Support, Liberate and Unite Existence

The Five Gold Rings, is a science which focuses on three senses, Stability, Sight, & Sound (SSS) with relation to control psychological behaviours. The control of stability relies on what to do with our hands for a strong posture, the control of sight relies on three perceptions of colours, and the control of sound relies on knowing a mute frequency. The aim is to control our conscious for self and interactions in a time of diversity for equality and inclusion, with each soul gaining liberation.



- TOUCH: The heart of stability is very simple to acquire. Stability primarily comes from our hands. Some people have used their hands for awful things. Some people use their hands to defend themselves as reflex rather than voluntary actions. Some people just fly their hands all over the place to protect themselves from their own delusions. Thus hands touching together provide ultimate strength. Overall hands together provide stability and stability shows strength. Press them harder together and that's exertion. The rhythm of our pulse from the heart also becomes stable as the circulation of blood in our body stabilizes. Placing first finger and thumb of each hand in touch as in a yoga position also provides stability. This touch also helps one fall asleep, as one would concentrate on the touch and soon the touch would release its self as one would fall asleep. When young we are taught to sit up straight and place hands together it’s only when life and work come in play we forget this basic quality of life. Hands together safeguards in contributing to important debates. People use this as pray also. What has been looked at from stability as exertion is the sense to let go which is inertia. With placing hands together they will have to be released at sometime and hence that’s inertia. Most people find this by lifting weights (exertion) and releasing (inertia). Holding this theory evidently buys time to protect our self love commercially and emotionally. Holding or leaning onto stuff also has the same effect for stability.

---- SIGHT


- LIGHT/LIFE: The colour light or even white, as seen by the human eye should reflect the emotion of life. In all religions “Light” is a representation of God. God is Light. God is Life. With this theory Light/White is seen as living and working one’s mind. In reality and for clarity it’s Life that has caused joy and sorrows thus it’s Life that has to resolve them. The colour light/white has psychological behaviour that one can control their affection and contribution to their own life. Natural daylight is enough for one to perceive this element so to emphasise life is good then to keep to life in the light is a must too. Work, play and any activity are all defined as being in the light. Light is also known as security, security is by money, thus money is seen as an element of light i.e. materialistic. The Light is both life and death. Being ‘with’ The Light & not ‘into’ The Light is beneficial to God. (Souls that to go into The Light would make less for The Light to see). God, Life, Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah, Christ, Krishna, Vishnu, Father are The One Light, & known from light/white.


- RED/LOVE: The colour red as seen by the human eye reflects the emotion of love. Whatever is red is showing love. A red stop sign or red light is saying stop out of love more than stop danger. Gazing out a window and looking for red focuses to bring love back into an individual. Why red? Well blood is red and every human if not animal on this planet has red blood. Blood is a vital source for life to flourish, and seeing people as red (instead of any other colour), can bring people to love one another. Looking at someone’s lips signifies love. The human eye has a great affinity for red. The Eternal Truth works best when empowering red as imagine a world without ever seeing red. Replenish Love; from insults and abuse that lead to depression, hate, jealousy, abuse, sorrow, forgiveness and gratitude by looking at red. Literally go and count things red, remember people are red; Red 1, Red 1001, Red 106,965, Red 545,123... Sometimes if you can't find the words for someone's idiocrasy then just reply with, "Red". One person's passion can be different to another, i.e. one may use love as a form of hate. Nevertheless red controls this emotion. Look at red occurrences to replenish love. Love is a necessity and known from red.


- BLACK/PEACE: The colour black or even shadows and the night sky as seen by the human eye opens the emotion of peace. Peace from ‘Light’. Sleeping, closing eyes, blinking all are psychological behaviours of bringing peace. Being aware of colour black helps one focus and see their surroundings thus bringing peace to one's conscious environment. Black has been misplaced by media, movies, stories etc. as being something wicked. In this case black is not wicked, darkness is. Black is Peace, Peace is Spirit. Seeing black as peace can also make life graceful. So whenever one wants peace then the best intention would be to find something black. The most beautiful thing about black is that it can be found everywhere, (still or moving), between edges, horizons, shadows, inside trees, car tires, writing, animals, cleavages, a camera lens, but most of all in eye contact. People that have suffered, looked for appraisals, oppressed or been mislead can look back into eyes of to see the black pupils as peace, thus making this formality an easy practice to master, (remember to blink or smile). (With dagger eyes it’s not the black of pupils that’s causing disturbance it’s the white of the corneas, hence either shine a light back to those who perform these acts, blink at them, or simply look elsewhere for peace). So don't think of black as darkness! Darkness is darkness; Black is Peace and not death. Peace is known from black.

---- SOUND

- MUSIC/MUTE: The frequency of sound when all sound is mute is Om. Om is the vibrations of the universe, the ability to hear and read over noise and brawls, the ability to ignore in uncomfortable situations, the ability to mute unwanted thoughts and vanquish memories, the ability to overcome unwanted or alien sound; Om (ૐ). Yoga has used this sound of Om in repetitive cycles, Ommm... Ommm... Ommm... Here the proposal is that Om is to be played in one linear frequency with “O” playing as long as needed and “m” playing for eternity with breaks in between. I.e. Ooo... mm... mmm... mmm... mm... or initially from mmm without pronouncing the “O” part. Om can be played as music too by making the mmm sound into bass vibrations, mMm... mmMM MmMMm... Om can be played in the mind or out aloud. Instead of shouting, “Shut Up!” or "Quieten down!" to a noisy family or conference room, one can say or initiate Om! Om cannot be played with anger in mind. With anger & Om the brain develops headaches. Om is for optimism. Thus The Five Gold Rings Scroll acts better for goodness.

Now Enjoy Some of Water.

The Eternal Truth is Liberation which is Golden!

Once the candle is lit, we cannot change it but only enjoy what it does.

Light the candle for The Eternal Truth (SSS).

Have faith as every faith has it's merits. 

NOTE: If one has a tendency to hate, needs a person to blame or needs to have explanation for darkness then the one & only character for this is the ego of Light/Life/God in the soul of every-being. Life also has love & compassion. So why should we live to hate Life? I've found it's better to confess/let-go/learn over repenting. So with this hate that came from someone’s light give back to the light, or even The Light, as the Almighty can handle that and liberate you from the troubles sooner.

The colours as One seem sinister, hence the term, 'Fear the Lord', but using individually when needed makes The Eternal Truth a valuable asset to have!


Compliments: Those that have hands in pray, The Light as Allah, Red as love and blood of Jesus Christ, Black as the existence of the Black Stone of Kaa'ba (Shivalinga), Sound as the ubiquitous Hinduism's Om & Water as from Abhishek and [John 3:5-7]. Praise to [Matthew 28:19] & [Revelation 10:1-11] from the Bible.


Live and Love in Peace.

Feeling Golden: One day will go better than the last. This will feel auspiciously good but troublesome as we wouldn't want to lose our feeling of a good day over several to many days, to even years. So wear the colours of white, red, black. Even wearing all black shows me the red and white, as red is always our blood, and white is the light from within our soul. Thus this sustains the gold feeling (liberation). Also saying the words, Light, Red, Black & Om, keeps one feeling golden! Sooner rather than later this will be second nature as first being in life instinct, thus thereafter was natural as water.

(c) Sandeep Patel (2021)

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