His Jesus or Mine?

Correlation of the Gospels to the Gospel

Setting the scene I worked as a community support worker for a period of my life. One of my clients with learning disabilities wore a cross around his neck and claimed that the cross was his God. He also had the same name as one of the four gospels of Jesus Christ. (The first four letters in the NTTT). So I explained to him in a way he could understand how the brethren’s stories linked to the life of Lord Jesus Christ, and thus the importance of his name.

Matthew (Merchant): Jesus, the son of David, who was the Son of God. He walked down the seashore pass the fishermen to get to The Shop. Once he was at The Shop, the man named Jesus bought him a lollipop and enjoyed what God had given him.

Mark (Labourer): There was a dude. The dude’s name was Jesus and he was a cool dude. He was one voice in the wilderness. Dude went to the shop pass the sea and dying for a lollipop, Jesus got himself a one. He tasted by licked it and enjoyed it.

Luke (Physician): There was once a great man who lived in Nazareth, and his name was Jesus Christ. Son of Joseph, but really the Son of God as a descendent of King David. Yes Jesus, the King of Jews, had a sweet tooth and by the Sea of Galilee where he was baptised he walked to the convenience store known as The Shop, and here he asked the store keeper for their finest lollipop. Jesus bought the lollipop and radiating his smile he devoured the lollipop with every sense of his taste. This satisfied his sugar intake and his day to come.

John (Fisherman): O Mighty God had placed His son with a taste of sugar. The nectar of God was placed in Jesus. So Jesus Christ, (the living God) walked pass the great sea where God had spoken and brought the Holy Spirit to him to get to The Shop. The Son of the Almighty went to The Shop by the sea to get himself a sugar treat. Jesus by the water and The Shop prayed and got him a lollipop. The lollipop was as godly as the daylight. The day cooled as Christ Jesus, the brother of us Gospels licked and enjoyed the flavour. As God loved His son, he too loved us and the lollipop.

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