Holy Water

Two emotions exist in the world and people all their lives try to hide from them and act so they don’t need to experience them. Nevertheless many have exhibited these emotions on others. They are #Humiliation and #Embarrassment. People would act in horrible ways to save themselves from embarrassment. I am never embarrassed or feel humiliated, as I have confessed my sins to Lord Jesus Christ. And that I had lost a lot of things in the past that acting silly or as a child now is okay as long as I’m not intentionally hurting anyone. Big But as many people are not used to this, to teach them to overcome humiliation, let me be the one to call you, losers... and see if you still can have the strength to forgive and forget, and love me anyway. Night will come and day will follow. No need to sit upright all the time. Seriously practice this nature of existing. Basically learn to take a joke & score out.

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