Mind Over Matter

Updated: May 19

#Shivalinga: In the iron room a tall beautiful guy was huffing & puffing way above any other. Stomping weights above the norm too. Another man didn’t mind but couldn’t see the logic. So after a while the other man went & picked up an 18kg dumbbell and placed it upright in the middle of the busy iron room.

He then made small talk with another guy about hello, namaste, salaam, como esta, what’s up? etc. And they both gained some motivation. Then the guy walked a few steps away from the 18kg dumbbell on the floor and looked at it. Then he waved his arms imitating snakes which moved themselves around the weight on the floor and covering it with their hoods.

After which the guy walked over to the 18kg dumbbell on the middle of the floor and tried to lift it but he couldn’t. He strained and heaved with all his might but couldn’t still lift the 18kg weight off the floor. So he took a step back and placed his hands together and prayed to the Light whilst looking at the weight. Once again the guy approached the dumbbell, straight away lifted it off the floor and placed it back on the rack.

Lastly he walked pass the first guy who was now sitting on a weight machine relaxed. Catching peripheries he walked to the area in which the 18kg weight was and look in its direction believing it was still there. He then took a step and leaped over the imaginary dumbbell and made his way home.

The Holy Spirit came upon Christ,

it had been said was a white dove.

🕊 Great for Jesus, John & people,

but harder and uncommon for me

to see in broad daylight. Whereas

a crow in all beauty shows love &

peace equally ŵ told to hover by

my window & transcend us ŵ Sky.


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